Marianist Lay Communities

Marianist Lay Communities were officially born on Feb. 2, 1801, under the leadership of Father William Joseph Chaminade. In January 2014, at the request of students, Campus Ministry began offering formation for students to make a one year commitment as a Marianist Lay Community. The goal is for students to use this community as a basis for establishing communities after graduation as they become leaders in our Church and world.

Lay Marianists are recognized collectively and institutionally, by the Vatican, as a lay association of the faithful. As members of the association, lay Marianists are served and represented by such official entities as the Marianist Lay Network of North America and the International Organization of Marianist Lay Communities.

  • Lay Marianists grow in understanding of the founders of the Marianist Family and how the Marianist charism is a gift both to the Church and to the larger world.
  • Lay Marianists grow in understanding of and relationship with Mary.
  • Lay Marianists help build and sustain communities of faith and hope.
  • Lay Marianists embrace the mission of Jesus that is expressed in Scripture: “Do whatever He tells you.”
  • Lay Marianists grow to be a prophetic sign within the Church.
  • Lay Marianists grow in prayer and faith.
  • Lay Marianists give time and talent to the Marianist Family and give treasure to support the lay organization.

Those who wish to be part of a Marianist Lay Community will need to participate in a Marianist Lay formation program. It is designed for students who are Sophomores, Juniors, or Seniors. The program is a year-long (one academic year) beginning in mid-September and culminating with a commitment Mass in May.

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