Martin Moore

Campus Ministry has helped me spread the Marianist Family Spirit, be open to others and has helped me strengthen my faith.              

Jarrod Laumoli

Campus Ministry allowed me to be a minister of God’s word by accepting what I have to offer. Campus Ministry is an environment of faith and a great place to be in.

Milliejoan Mongalo

In Campus Ministry I learned to be more open about myself and never to give up on my dreams, to serve others and to be there for one another.

Chella Versteegh

Campus Ministry is a safe haven for me to express myself and not feel like I’ll be judged by my peers because I know that they will love me no matter what.

JC Cardenas

Campus Ministry guided me to incorporate prayer back into my life and to reach out to the community.

Faith Leasiolagi

Campus Ministry has helped me grow in my faith by providing me with opportunities to deepen my love for music and the possibility of a future in music ministry.

Cassidy Walker

After attending my first Awakening Retreat with Campus Ministry, I have learned that there is a huge support system here at Chaminade University.

Kierstyn Oshita

During my time with Campus Ministry, I have learned to be more welcoming and more understanding of my fellow peers.

Nick Dold

Through my involvement in Campus Ministry I have learned how to proclaim the gospel. I’ve also learned that by working for justice you establish peace.

Gina Mae Dumangeng

I’ve learned more about the spirituality that was instilled in me by my parents and my faith was strengthened through my interaction with my peers.