Angel Felise-Vitale, BA in Historical & Political Studies ‘20

Campus Ministry was a core pillar in my undergrad experience. I would not have been the student I was in every aspect whether it was learning in the classroom or being called to serve on the margins, where I learned the most. Growing in faith and having faced adversity with resiliency throughout my college years… Read More

Sierra Murobayashi, BS in Criminal Justice ’21

Campus Ministry means the world to me because they are my Ohana that will always be there for me in the toughest and best times. I have made life-lasting relationships being involved in ministry. Campus Ministry keeps me grounded and walks me through my faith journey, wherever that takes me. They will be there and… Read More

Claire Riggan, BS in Criminal Justice ’19

Campus Ministry has helped me grow in my faith, feel welcomed, and gave me a sense of belonging. I was able to discover my passions, understand my faith, and learn how to advocate and work for social justice and peace.             

Amber Sablan, BS in Crimminal Justice ’22

Campus Ministry has helped me to grow in my faith and to live the gospel daily. I was really able to step outside of my comfort zone, and really find myself through all my experiences, relationships, and conversations.        

Daniel Maximo, BS Accounting ’20

Campus Ministry helped me find my purpose and gave me the opportunity to go on LA Immersion, which has been one of the best experiences of my life. Through that experience I thought I was helping those in most need but the outcome was the the exact opposite and I myself received the most help… Read More