What is Campus Ministry?

Our Chaminade Campus Ministry will provide you with the best spiritual support during your time here. Chaminade University is a Catholic and Marianist institution where we welcome and serve people of all faiths and traditions. College is a wonderful time for personal growth and discovery. We will work to provide opportunities for you to nurture your spiritual growth and to especially embody the Catholic and Marianist Spirit. We hope you have the opportunity to enhance your faith and spirituality and find greater meaning in your lives and the career pathway you’ve chosen. We invite you to play an active part in our ministry and in the life of our campus community. Be sure to utilize all that we can offer and to make the best of the resources that Chaminade University provides. We wish you a truly blessed experience during your time here and we hope to see you at our events. Campus Ministry is open to students of all religious traditions and those who may not belong to a church, synagogue, mosque or temple but want to explore their relationship with God in community.