Liturgical Ministers

Liturgical Ministers assist at our Sunday Masses and other prayer services throughout the academic year. Liturgical ministry is a great way to actively take part in the act of worship on campus.

A lector is a person who proclaims the scriptures. As Christians, we believe that the scriptures are the Word of God, so to be able to share that Word with the members of our community is both a privilege and responsibility. All baptized members of the Christian community may server as lectors after participating in at least one training session before you begin your ministry as lector.

Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist
Commonly referred to as an EM, they assist our presiding priests with the distribution of holy communion. Handling the body of Christ that comes to us in the form of bread is a very holy moment for each minister. Since the reception of holy communion is a sacrament of initiation for Catholics, only Confirmed Catholics may serve as EMs.

Minister of Hospitality
Our hospitality ministers help give our community a face to those who come to worship at Mystical Rose. They serve as greeters and distribute any worship aids at our various liturgies. Hospitality ministers will also help with refreshment set-up at our Sunday Mass and also play the role of usher, especially when we have large crowds at our liturgies.

Altar Server (Acolyte)
Altar servers assist our presiding priest and minister at the altar. This ministry usually entails preparing the altar with the holy vessels and linens, holding the presiders prayer book (Roman Missal) and assisting the presider in their ministry. Since the liturgies that often require an altar server is the Mass, servers must be Catholic and familiar with the structure of the Mass.