4th Nights

All students are invited to come together for 4th Nights or CM Faith Sharings, every Monday from 6:30 PM to 7:30PM on Zoom, link will be provided through our remind app, presence, and IG page. These nights are student led by our Awakening Leadership. This is an opportunity for students to come together to meet new students and fellowship, to have discussions and formations in faith, for art and creativity, to take a breather and relax, to initiate conversations and create opportunities for service and student initiatives, for worship and prayer, discipleship, to create a comfortable space where questions are encouraged and voices are heard, and to build a community where everyone is respected and supported, you do not have to be Catholic or Christian, all are invited regardless of your faith tradition. ALL ARE WELCOME. 

4th nights were originally the extension to our Annual Awakening Retreat that happens in the Fall Semester. These nights are open to any and ALL Chaminade students. We hope you can join us.

Student Testimonials

 “A community of faith, fellowship and discussion, growing and learning together to strengthen and enhance our faith, mental health and leadership skills. A time to gather to unpack, recharge, and reflect on our personal lives in a safe space with other members of the Mystical Body of Christ. A space to connect with others and to know that you are never alone in any season you go through.” 

 “4th Night is a  place where students are encouraged to integrate faith, inclusion and awareness in their everyday lives. A community where everyone is welcome to be their true authentic selves without judgement but with acceptance and love. It is a safe space where others support and trust each other immensely.” 

“Fourth night is a place where you get to experience the love of Jesus through community with others. A place where we gain wisdom, fellowship with others, and leadership skills, to which brings forth our own personal reflection, to impact the lives of others. It is where the Mystical Body of Christ gathers in the Holy Spirit to bring our true authentic selves, by breaking down our inner barriers and raising up in us, Christ likeness. It is a place where we must take what God has given us through experience, and then in turn, love God and love thy neighbor as thyself.” 

 “A space where you are able to worship God with people that love your true and authentic self. A fellowship that keeps you grounded in the best way possible. It’s truly a blessing that God has placed me on this earth to get closer with him.” 

 “A space where I am not afraid to be my authentic self. Where I am able to grow in my faith journey with God. A backbone to remind me that I am not alone and to keep me grounded.” 

4th Night Gallery