Why Become a Marianist?

The national vocation offices for the Marianist Brothers and Priests (Society of Mary) and the Marianist Sisters (Daughters of Mary Immaculate) have partnered together in sharing stories from Marianist religious and why they decided to become a Marianist Brother, Priest or Sister. If you would like more information about the Marianists or interested in a Marianist discernment retreat or live-in experience, please contact us.

Vows of Marianists

Vow of Chastity

The Vow of Chastity calls the Marianists to single-heartedly pursue their relationship with God by foregoing married and single Christian lifestyles. Instead, they choose a life of celibacy in community, which impels them to deepen their life of prayer and focus their intimate human relationships with freedom and non-exclusivity.

Vow of Poverty

The Vow of Poverty calls the Marianists to live simply. Asserting their trust in the providence of God, they choose to be free from the accumulation of material goods. They thereby hope to witness their own dependence on God and the primacy of God’s reign.

Vow of Obedience

The Vow of Obedience calls the Marianists to enter into community, seeking together to fulfill the will of God as manifested within the congregation’s mission. Such discernment is performed in an atmosphere of dialogue, understanding and shared responsibility.

Vow of Stability

The Vow of Stability calls the Marianists to understand and live in the spirit of Mary, the Mother of God, in a lifelong commitment to her mission in the Church. At the time of their Perpetual Commitment, Marianists receive a symbolic gold ring.