Welcome Back Silverswords!

Welcome back Silverswords! We are so excited for you all to come back to campus. We know there are some nerves to coming back to campus, but we want to ensure that we’ve taken every measure to do our best to implement safe practices when visiting our offices and attending any of our events and retreats. One new way to ensure that you are getting all the necessary information is that we are introducing our new text-updates on all that we are doing. We are currently using the Flocknote platform so that you can get real time updates about all things Campus Ministry. We want to make sure that you are all in the know about what events are happening, as well as be able to RSVP, communicate with us, ask question, and just get access to all the necessary information you need for anything that we do. Please click the image below and get connected, or you can text CUHMINISTRYHI to 84576, it’s that easy!

We are also constantly updating all our social media platforms and our events calendar! So please follow us, you can scan the QR Code below to get access to our LINKTREE which has all our link to our different social medias, like Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, etc.