Campus Ministry is introducing a new and fresh look

Hey Silverswords! If you haven’t already seen, we are currently give our page a fresh new look! Our new design is much more efficient and has a cleaner look, this allow for students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and the MRO Community to have an easier time navigating through our webpage. You will get more updates about what is happening in Campus Ministry.

Also if you’ve already stop by our offices, you noticed many changes into the personal style of each Campus Minister. Each office has been cleared out to open up the space. Even our Peer Ministry Room has taken a HUGE MAKEOVER! This space is for anyone in our campus community who need a safe space to just disconnect. Have a self-retreat, read, pray, meditate. We highly encourage that during your time in this space that you disconnect from technology and allow yourself to be. If other people are utilizing this space as well we ask that you respect their space and privacy, but this room is open to all who just need a area to breathe.