Policy and Procedures for the use of the Oratory for Weddings

Congratulations as you move forward in committing your life in the sacred sacrament of matrimony.  Since we are not a regular, fully staffed parish, we have a number of limitations concerning preparation and reception of sacraments.  We’d like to make you aware of a few things as you consider preparations for your wedding.

MRO Wedding

The Diocese of Honolulu only allows us to host Catholic weddings for current students, staff, faculty and alumni of Saint Louis School and Chaminade University, and those who are parishioners of Mystical Rose Oratory. If you wish to have your marriage at Mystical Rose Oratory, there is some preliminary information that we will need:

  1. Your relationship to Saint Louis School and/or Chaminade University
  2. Desire and eligibility for a Catholic wedding (either the bride or groom must be Catholic)
  3. If applicable, information concerning any previous marriages
  4. Where you live (If you do not live in Hawaii, you will need to go to the Diocese of Honolulu web page for details concerning out of state persons getting married in Hawaii.)
  5. Name and location of your parish
  6. Whether or not you have contacted a priest or deacon to preside at the ceremony (If you are inviting an out-of-state priest to preside at your wedding, there are additional civil forms from the Hawaii Department of Health)
  7. What dates you are considering