Religious Scholars Requirements

As a Chaminade Scholar of Chaminade University of Honolulu, you have been selected to receive this scholarship due to your high academic achievements and your commitment to service to your church, community, and school.  The goal of the award is to instill the Marianist education values of service and to build the Kingdom of God in the Marianist tradition.

As a condition of your scholarship, you acknowledge the following:

  • Maintain the minimum of 2.5 GPA
  • Register under  “Campus Ministry” in PRESENCE.
  • Monthly check-in with assigned Campus Minister 
    • Meeting times to be determined by you and the Campus Minister.
  • Complete 15 hours for the FALL 2021. All hours must be submitted through TRACK IT The website is managed by Campus Ministry to track/confirm community service hours.  
  • Attend mandatory events.
  • Submit a Reflection Paper or Video at the end of every semester. Guiding questions will be provided by Campus Ministry mid-semester.

Religious Scholars Contract

Mandatory Meeting Dates/Programs: Fall 2021

Mandatory Fall  2021

(Choose Three)

August 27th – Fall Spiritual Convocations/Mass of the Holy Spirit 11:30AM @ MRO 

September 10th – Twentieth Anniversary of 9/11 -Prayer Service 12:30 PM @ MRO 

September 26th – Fall Mackey Lecture – Hybrid (Special Follow-up Session on 9/27th)

November 1st –  All Saints Day Mass 12:30PM OR 6:30PM @ MRO

November 2nd – All Souls Day Mass 6:30 PM @ MRO 

November 17th – Thanksgiving Prayer Service 12:30 PM @ MRO

December 8th –  Immaculate Conception Mass 12:30pm OR 6:30PM @ MRO

Attend at least ONE event for each of the following:

  1. 4th Night Faith Sharing (Monday nights at 6:30 PM throughout the semester)
  2. Mass.Meal.Marianist/Sunday Evening Mass @ 6:30 PM (throughout semester)

Scholars, please note that the real purpose of attending events or fulfilling requirements is to build and invest upon a holistic college experience. This Chaminade Scholars Program is an investment into the person GOD IS CALLING YOU TO BE…. the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. Anyone can go through the motions and get by with doing the very basics of what is “required” here. The difference in a college experience and a GREAT college experience is based primarily on YOU. 


Invest in your education, in your faith, in your school, in your community, and by doing so you’ll be investing in the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF… the person God has called you to be for others and for Himself.

Track-it Forward