CRS Rice Bowl, Mahalo!

alana-headshotOn behalf of the Mystical Rose liturgy committee (Fr. George Cerniglia, Regina Pfeiffer, Soane Uiagalelei, Shevaun Low, Mallory Green, Danny O’Regan, Genevive Krier, and Anthony Selvanathan), I would like to extend a very special “mahalo” to you all for your participation in our CRS Rice Bowl initiative this past Lent. Beginning with the first Sunday of Lent, our Sunday community made a conscious effort to support the efforts of Catholic Relief Services through our weekly Sunday collection. Your generosity has allowed us to send more than $4,000 to help CRS with its many services internationally and here in our own diocese.

Our CRS Rice Bowl initiative may be over for the year, but we would like to encourage you to continue to pray for the Church’s efforts to bring peace and relief to the thousands of people who are in most of need of it.


Bro. Brandon K. Alana, S.M.